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Los Angeles, California 0 comments has given me nothing but terrible customer service since my webmaster switched to their service. At that time there was some miscommunication between my webmaster and myself, so I did not get my payment information on file onto's web site. For that I don't blame them, I take responsibility.

However, when monthly payment was due and not forthcoming and they took down my site for non-payment, there was no explanation on their part. Since I didn't know when or how to give them payment information, I was completely in the dark. But it became practically impossible to contact these people.

When I called the number for customer service found on their website, I got a strange phone company message asking for a "code" of some kind, and no human.

Worse still, I emailed them w/no response. I faxed them (according to their website) w/no response. By now my professional website, which I maintain for my business, had been down during the business day for hours. Eventually I used a message form I found on their website, but by then I was frustrated enough that I wrote the words "What the *** are you guys doing?" I actually used the asterisk, not spelling out the curse word that indicated my frustration.

They emailed me back, telling me how to put the credit card information that was needed onto file. But they also told me that if I swore again they would discontinue my service. I wrote back apologizing, but explaining that I was frustrated because they were not responding to my requests for help. I also pointed out that I didn't actually "swear," that I used the asterisk to censor myself. They wrote back telling me in no uncertain terms that I was not to swear at them, or they would discontinue my service.

Fine. I wrote that off to miscommunication and frustration. But then a few months later my site went down again for several hours. It eventually came back up. I emailed them to ask why. They explained the server needed to be rebooted. I asked for a partial refund, as my professional business website was unavailable for the major portion of a business day.

They refused, saying that since they had a high maintenance rate (they quoted me over 97% or something) they didn't need to refund any money, but they would if it went down again in the same month.

A few months later I had to change the credit card number they had on file for my monthly payment. As I hadn't dealt w/their payment process for several months, I sent an email to both customer service and help desk (email addresses available on their site) asking them how to do this.

No response. I sent a second email asking the same question the next day.

No response. Eventually I myself figured out how to navigate their website to change my credit card information.

But as of this writing I have sent 4 requests to their customer service and help desk, asking for information, and have received ZERO response.

I am html illiterate and rely on my webmistress to maintain my site, so I am unable myself to take my website off their service and put it elsewhere. But if this were any other industry I would stop using their service, and I urge everyone else to not use them, either.

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